The Ultimate Guide to the Best Hotels in Palau

The Royal Resort


Palau, an island nation located in the western Pacific Ocean, is a tropical paradise that offers breathtaking natural beauty and a unique blend of cultures. The archipelago is known for its crystal-clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, and lush landscapes. While exploring this Pacific gem, finding the right accommodation is essential to enhance your overall experience. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll introduce you to some of the best hotels in Palau, ranging from luxurious beachfront resorts to cozy boutique options.

Palau Overview

Before delving into the best hotels, let’s start with an overview of what makes Palau such an enchanting destination.

Geography and Landscape

Palau consists of more than 500 islands, offering an array of experiences, from dense jungles to pristine beaches and hidden coves. The main island is Koror, where you’ll find the capital city, also called Koror.

Culture and Heritage

Palau’s culture is a unique blend of Micronesian, Melanesian, and Austronesian influences. The island nation is known for its rich heritage, including traditional arts, dances, and legends.

Natural Beauty

The natural beauty of Palau is one of its primary draws. The Rock Islands, part of the larger Micronesia region, is a UNESCO World Heritage site famous for its stunning coral reefs and aquatic biodiversity. Divers and snorkelers flock to Palau for the opportunity to explore the underwater wonderland.


Luxurious Retreats

1. Palau Pacific Resort
The Palau Pacific Resort is an idyllic oasis offering luxury and tranquility. This 5-star resort is nestled amidst lush gardens and features private bungalows, each with a spacious terrace overlooking the pristine beach. Guests can enjoy fine dining at the resort’s restaurants, spa treatments, and access to excellent dive sites.

Palau Pacific Resort

2. The Royal Resort
The Royal Resort is another upscale option, known for its contemporary design and impeccable service. With well-appointed rooms and suites, a beautiful pool, and an on-site restaurant, it’s a perfect choice for those seeking a comfortable and luxurious stay.

The Royal Resort

Boutique and Unique Stays

1. DW Motel
For travelers seeking a more local and authentic experience, the DW Motel in Koror is an excellent choice. This family-run motel offers clean and cozy rooms, a friendly atmosphere, and the chance to connect with Palauan culture.

DW Motel

2. Carp Island Resort
Located on its own private island, Carp Island Resort is an eco-friendly, boutique retreat. With only a limited number of guests at a time, you can enjoy peace, quiet, and pristine natural surroundings. The resort offers various water-based activities, including snorkeling and kayaking.

Carp Island Resort

Adventure and Dive Resorts

1. Palau Aggressor II
If you’re a diving enthusiast, the Palau Aggressor II should be on your radar. This liveaboard dive vessel takes you to some of the world’s most famous dive sites, including the Blue Corner and German Channel. It’s the perfect choice for exploring Palau’s underwater wonders.

Palau Aggressor II

2. Sam’s Tours Palau
Sam’s Tours Palau is not just a dive shop; it’s an adventure company that offers various tours and activities, including diving, snorkeling, and kayak tours. While they don’t offer traditional hotel accommodations, they can help arrange your stay in Palau and provide unforgettable experiences.

Sam's Tours Palau

Budget-Friendly Options

1. West Plaza Hotels
West Plaza Hotels in Koror offer budget-friendly accommodations with comfortable rooms, a convenient location, and friendly service. This is an excellent choice for travelers who want to explore Palau without breaking the bank.

West Plaza Hotels

2. Airbnb and Homestays
For a more local experience, consider booking a room through Airbnb or staying with a Palauan family through homestay programs. This is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the culture and enjoy budget-friendly lodging.

Airbnb and Homestays

Eco-Friendly Stays

1. The Cove Resort Palau
The Cove Resort Palau is a unique eco-resort committed to sustainability. Nestled within the Rock Islands, it offers guests a chance to stay in overwater bungalows, surrounded by pristine nature. The resort focuses on eco-friendly practices and conservation efforts.

The Cove Resort Palau

2. M&A Riverside Beach Bungalows
M&A Riverside Beach Bungalows offers rustic charm and an eco-friendly approach to hospitality. It’s located on the beautiful Ngermid Bay, and guests can enjoy sustainable, overwater bungalows while being close to nature.

M&A Riverside Beach Bungalows


Palau, with its stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, is a destination that deserves a spot on any traveler’s bucket list. The best hotels in Palau cater to a diverse range of travelers, from luxury seekers to budget-conscious adventurers, ensuring that everyone can experience the magic of this tropical paradise.

Whether you’re interested in exploring the underwater wonders, relaxing on pristine beaches, or immersing yourself in Palauan culture, there’s a perfect place to stay for your Palau adventure. Make your reservations today and get ready to experience the best that Palau has to offer.

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