Savoring Vietnam: 14 Must-Try Vietnam food

Goi Cuon


Vietnamese cuisine is a treasure trove of flavors, a symphony of fragrant herbs, and a celebration of fresh ingredients. It’s a culinary journey that takes your taste buds through a diverse range of dishes, from savory soups to succulent grilled meats and fragrant noodle bowls. In this extensive guide, we will embark on a gastronomic adventure through Vietnam, exploring 14 must-try dishes that represent the heart and soul of Vietnam food. Each dish will be introduced with its name, specialty, and a description of the flavors and ingredients that make it a culinary masterpiece. Whether you’re a food enthusiast or a curious traveler, this blog will be your window to the vibrant and delectable world of Vietnamese food.

1. Pho (Phở)

Specialty: Vietnam’s Iconic Noodle Soup

Pho is Vietnam’s most famous dish, a fragrant noodle soup that’s a symphony of flavors. We’ll delve into the history of pho, the regional variations, and the art of balancing the broth, noodles, and fresh herbs.

Pho (Phở)

2. Bun Cha

Specialty: Grilled Pork with Vermicelli Noodles

Bun cha is a delicious combination of grilled pork, vermicelli noodles, and a medley of herbs. We’ll explore the intricate flavors of the dish and the joy of assembling your own bites.

Bun Cha

3. Com tam

Specialty: Broken Rice

Com tam, or broken rice, is a staple dish in Vietnam. We’ll discover the origins of this dish, the different accompaniments, and the irresistible grilled pork.

Com tam

4. Banh Mi

Specialty: Vietnamese Baguette

Banh mi is a delightful fusion of Vietnamese and French culinary influences. We’ll explore the variations of this beloved sandwich, from the classic banh mi thit (pork) to adventurous fillings.

Banh Mi

5. Goi Cuon

Specialty: Fresh Spring Rolls

Goi cuon, or fresh spring rolls, are a refreshing delight. We’ll uncover the secrets of making the perfect spring roll and the importance of fresh, crisp ingredients.

Goi Cuon

6. Ca Kho To

Specialty: Caramelized Fish in Clay Pot

Ca kho to is a sumptuous dish that showcases the art of caramelizing fish. We’ll explore the rich, sweet-savory sauce and the significance of clay pot cooking in Vietnamese cuisine.

Ca Kho To

7. Bun Bo Hue

Specialty: Spicy Beef Noodle Soup

Bun bo Hue is a bold and spicy noodle soup that hails from the central region of Vietnam. We’ll savor the complexities of the broth, the variety of meat, and the distinctive lemongrass aroma.

Bun Bo Hue

8. Banh Xeo

Specialty: Vietnamese Pancakes

Banh xeo, or Vietnamese pancakes, are a crispy and savory delight. We’ll explore the process of making these golden delights, the fillings, and the art of wrapping and dipping.

Banh Xeo

9. Goi Du Du

Specialty: Green Papaya Salad

Goi du du, or green papaya salad, is a refreshing and crunchy dish. We’ll explore the vibrant flavors, the balance of sweet, sour, and spicy, and the creative variations of this salad.

Goi Du Du

10. Mi Quang

Specialty: Quang-Style Noodles

Mi Quang is a regional dish that highlights the flavors of central Vietnam. We’ll savor the turmeric-infused noodles, the array of proteins, and the aromatic broth.

Mi Quang

11. Bun Rieu Cua

Specialty: Crab Noodle Soup

Bun rieu cua is a noodle soup that celebrates the essence of crab. We’ll explore the complexity of the broth, the crab cakes, and the garnishes that complete the dish.

Bun Rieu Cua

12. Ca Phe Trung

Specialty: Vietnamese Egg Coffee

Ca phe trung is a sweet and creamy coffee that’s a dessert in a cup. We’ll discover the unique preparation method and the cultural significance of this delightful beverage.

Ca Phe Trung

13. Hu Tieu

Specialty: Clear Noodle Soup

Hu tieu is a clear noodle soup that showcases delicate flavors. We’ll explore the different variations, from seafood to pork, and the importance of the clear, flavorful broth.

Hu Tieu

14. Chao Long

Specialty: Rice Porridge with Offal

Chao long is a dish that may surprise you with its depth of flavor. We’ll explore the richness of the offal, the silky rice porridge, and the unique dining experience it offers.

Chao Long


Vietnamese cuisine is a culinary adventure that embraces fresh ingredients, vibrant flavors, and the joy of shared meals. As we journey through these 14 must-try dishes, you’ll discover that Vietnamese food is a celebration of tradition, innovation, and the unifying power of delicious meals. Whether you’re a food lover seeking new tastes or a traveler looking to explore Vietnam through its culinary wonders, this guide will inspire you to savor the diverse and delectable world of Vietnamese cuisine. So, prepare your taste buds for a culinary tour of Vietnam and enjoy every flavorful bite along the way.

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